In the wait state, or stagnation, are the heroines of the play “From Dust of Stars”

Three daughters live with their mother in a desolated house / this situation is the traditional of this author/. Táňa and Dáša cast their mind back to their former love – a man they had a very intensive relationship with, yet he never became a love and although (or therefore) they are not able to come to terms with his death. The youngest and slightly retarded Kája “transmits” signals to extraterrestrials with her torch and a transistor radio – this is a “legacy” of their father who was talking about conquest of space. The Mother is the only “rational” one, yet we feel loneliness and desire for love in her tough pragmatism. The final “space theatre”, an apparition of many space phenomena at the same time, can offer a feeling of a happy ending and the answer for sisters’ call, however, everything remains open.

The play was on the second place in the competition for the best play in Czech and Slovak DRÁMA 2010.

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