A comedic story about the beginning of one seemingly simple relationship of two young singles.

Denisa is a young, free and extroverted businesswoman who works as a financial counselor. Her younger sister, Aneta, is her exact opposite, because she is introverted, married, and has a young son. She is unemployed and works part-time as a courier on bike. On the same floor of the house, right next to Denisa’s apartment, moves in Mrs. Weber, who is not a nice or easygoing neighbor at all. Robert is a single young man who works in an advertising agency, likes to work out, most of all he enjoys running. On his run sometimes he takes his pal Tomáš

One day, Denisa and Robert meet accidentally at a park bench. Denisa takes some time off to relax in the park one sunny summer day, as one of her business meetings got canceled. Robert is in the park, as per usual, running his daily dose of mileage. When Denisa finds Robert’s wallet in the park, which he lost during his run, they get to know each other, and sparks fly off from the beginning. And so they agree to meet later that day for dinner, where they both have a wonderful time. Two days later these young people want to go to a concert of a famous band, which is unfortunately sold out. Luckily, thanks to Denisa’s friends, they manage to get two tickets to this hot show. But one day before the concert, however, Denisa learns about the unexpected arrival of a foreign client, whom she cancelled meetings twice in the past. There is a potential of great contract, so it is no longer possible to renounce the third time. Therefore Denisa meets with Aneta and asks her to go to the concert with Robert instead of her. She tells her information about Robert and also gives her instructions on how to behave – to be more open, not as per her usual introverted self.

Aneta goes to the concert with Robert and from now on, the easy-flowing story of this play changes dramatically. The meeting at the concert will fundamentally change lives of Aneta and Robert, but also of Denisa, Mrs. Weber, Tomáš, and also Denisa’s ex Karel.

This dialog-driven sitcom contains a number of surprising plots, humor, irony, blunders, misunderstandings, and manipulation with the spectator’s perception of characters, as well as the whole story.