Dramatization of the author’s book of the same name.


This theater play brings an unconventional view on one unwanted pregnancy. The main character, Veronika, recognizes at her friend’s birthday party her classmate Kamil from long time ago. He was invited there as a gigolo and stripper “Bruno”. After their subsequent meeting, their dinner extends until the morning hours when Veronika leaves his bedroom. In less than two months she finds she is pregnant, but who is the father? Is it her husband or her classmate from long time ago? What is Veronika going to do? How about her husband? The author shows untraditionally the perspective from three points of view – Veronika’s, Kamil’s and also Veronika’s husband’s.

This psychological play shows how the mystery of who the father of an unborn child is can significantly interfere with the lives of all three characters.