Vlnasová (Vaculová), Barbora


*2. 3. 1979


Barbora Vlnasová (formerly Vaculová), studied Czech and Portuguese at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc between 1998 and2001. In2005 she completed her studies of Portuguese at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno and two years later graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (Josef Kovalčuk’s and Arnošt Goldflam’s workshop) as a theatre dramaturge. She was awarded grants from the DILIA literary agency for her plays A Pet Cemetery and The Sump. The Sumpreceived the Evald Schorm Award in 2005. She worked both as a dramaturge at the Klicpera’s Theatre in Hradec Králové and as a freelance dramaturge for the Brno department of the Czech Radio. Apart from being a playwright, Barbora Vlnasová also writes screenplays.


List of plays (selection):


  • Absintus Dei, 2002
  • Psí hřbitov, 2004, première 13. 4. 2004 Divadlo v7 a půl, Brno
  • Žumpa, 2005, première 14. 4. 2006 Buranteatr, Brno
  • Škatulata, škatulata, 2005
  • Makové koláčky
  • Zazděná / Mauerschau, 2009, première 14. 9. 2009 Divadlo LETÍ, Prague



Translated plays:


  • Žumpa – Die Senkgrube - German