Horváthová, Iveta

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Iveta Horváthová (married Škripková – Pecková) graduated with MA in film and TV dramaturgy and screenplaywriting from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava. Since 1985 she has been working at the Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads in Banská Bystrica, since 1992 as a theatre director. As a dramaturg and a screenplaywriter she focuses on works for children and adults. Her short stories include: She Who Is Never Scared, 2005, 3rd place in a competition of short stories for children. Her works also include radio plays, for example Izabeliárana tx. (The Slovak Radio, Banská Bystrica); She-Samson (2nd place in The Slovak Radio competition of radio plays for children, 2005). In her works for an adult audience Iveta Horváthová prefers women´s topics. In different forms and subject matter she stresses the contemporary female experience, dealing with issues of motherhood and the woman´s position in a contemporary society. By means of gender contrast she explores the female and male principle, she joins elements of real and imaginary world into one unit. In cooperation with the actresses of the Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads and students from theAcademy ofArts she has been searching for forms of gender sensitive theatre. In 2003 – 2007 she prepared and realized in The Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads, as in the only theatre in Slovakia, theatre projects aimed at gender stereotypes and cultural and social background of women and men behaviour patterns and models, for example pinkandblueworld.sk, project of the studio T.W.I.G.A:  Theatre – Women – Improvisation – Gender – Action.


Plays for adults (selection):

  • Dojímate ma veľmi ... ,1992, fragments from the life and work of Dominik Tatarka
  • Neplač, Anna, 2001, published under the pen name Julius Meinholm in the feminist journal Aspekt 1/2002
  • Fetišistky, 2005, 2nd place in the Drama 2005 competition; published in the collection Drama 2004 – 2005, Bratislava: Theatre Institute, 2006; première 2008 Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
  • Sestry dušehojivé , 2007, a finalist in the Drama 2006 competition; published by the Theatre Institute, Bratislava, 2007
  • Citová výchova hadej ženy , 2007, a play about secrets of mothers and daughters; performed within a gender project pinkandblueworld.sk  in the Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica
  • Predavačka koží , 2007, 3rd place (1st and 2nd was not given) in a competition for the first Czech and Slovak play on a gender topic Golden Theatre Frog, Prague, 2007, the only Slovak finalist
  • Black and White, 2008, 3rd place in a competition forthe best Czech and Slovak play on gender topic Golden Theatre Frog, Prague