Oupic, Miroslav

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Dramatist, screenwriter and writer. Graduate of the University of Economics in Prague and courses of Creative Writing at private college – Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy in Prague.

Since 2006 he has been professionally engaged in literary activities, firstly by writing children´s fiction and non-fiction books, followed by film scripts, copywriting and creative writing. 

Since 8.10.2007 he is a member of the biggest grouping of Czech   writers, Obec spisovatelů.

He started writing theater plays in the spring of 2010. In his comedic and satirical plays, which mostly capture human relationships in today´s world, there is a lot of humor, irony, interesting plot and, above all, surprising storylines.


Since 2014 he is a member of ARAS (Association of Czech Audiovisual Directors and Screenwriters).







 2015 Our Great Firm, Brána Publishing

 2011 Pregnant with Gigolo?, Augustus Publishing

 2007 My Life on the Ch@t, Alfa Publishing

 2006 The Secret Diary of Barborka Syslová or The Way to Financial Independence,  Profess 


 2006 Brain on Fire, 100 short stories for better memory, self-published


Theater Plays:

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The author writes theater plays, mostly comedies that are based on his own original themes, works on dramatization of interesting stories and also gets hired to write plays for specific theater groups (based on their own themes or for a specific actor ensemble).