Hubač, Jiří

*(1929) - †(2011)

Czech dramatist and TV scriptwriter. After finishing secondary school, he worked as a design engineer until 1955, when he was incapacitated by a serious illness that gave him an impulse to start writing. He was editor of journal Technicka politika (1956-61) and from 1956 worked as a television dramaturge. He was fired from this position during the so-called ”normalization“ purges in 1974 for political reasons and became a free-lance writer. His plays Unripe Raspberries (adapted for the theatre as The Good Old Band), The Fall of Icarus and Migrant Birds were extremely popular with audiences and critics alike in the 1970s and 1980s. Hubač was also known as the author of a number of television soap operas – in the 1960s he was one of the staff screenwriters for the popular TV series Three Blokes in a Cottage and Eliška and her Family; in the 1980s for drama series Good Water, Ambulance, etc. He also wrote screenplays for the feature films Dance Teacher (1994) and Fanny (1995). In his plays, Hubač focused on the changing modern society. Individual plays are built around the polarity between philosophical and ethical issues in general, and the emotional world of contemporary people.


List of plays (selection):

  • Král krysa, 1973-74, première 9. 10. 1974 Divadlo na Vinohradech, Prague
  • Komu zvoní hrana, 1976, première 27. 5. 1977 Divadlo na Vinohradech, Prague
  • Dům na nebesích, 1980, première 14. 11. 1980 Divadlo na Vinohradech, Prague 
  • Stará dobrá kapela, 1983, première 18. 4. 1984 Národní divadlo, Prague
  • Generálka, 1985, première 16. 4. 1986 Divadlona Vinohradech, Prague
  • Modrý pavilón, 1988, première 4. 2. 1988 Národní divadlo, Praha 
  • Hostina u Petronia, 1996, première 31. 10. 1997 Divadlo na Vinohradech, Prague
  • Johanka z Arku, 1999, première 31. 3. 2000 Divadlo Ta Fantastika, Prague


Translated plays:


  • Král krysa - Koenig Ratte - German 
  • Dům na nebesích - Ein Haus in den Wolken - German
  • Dům na nebesích - Dom na nebesach - Russian 
  • Dům na nebesích – Kăšča v nebeto - Bulgarian
  • Stará dobrá kapela - Die Studentenkapelle - German 
  • Stará dobrá kapela  – Nasza orkiestra - Polish 
  • Stará dobrá kapela - Dobrijat star orkestar - Bulgarian
  • Generálka  – Madame General - English
  • Generálka  – Die Generalin - German
  • Generálka – La Generala - Spanish 

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