Rudiš, Jaroslav

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*8. 6. 1972


Writer, playwright and screenwriter. He made his writing debut with the novel Heaven under Berlin (2002) for which he received the most prestigious Czech literary award given to authors under thirty, the Jiři Orten Prize. The novel was translated into German, Polish, Serbian, Byelorussian and Bulgarian and was subsequently dramatized for both radio and theatre. A “comic strip novel trilogy” Alois Nebel (2003–2005; written with the illustrator Jaromir 99) was adapted for theatre and was made into a movie. Together with Petr Pycha he wrote a play The Summer in Lapland that won both the second place in 2005 Alfred Radok Foundation Playwriting Competition and the Czech Radio Award; the play was also broadcast. The same duo of authors wrote theatre plays The Salzburg Goulash and Strange Love. The latter was shortlisted for the 2007 Alfred Radok Foundation Playwriting Competition in the category Czech Play. In 2006, he wrote a screenplay to a film Grandhotel shown at the Berlinale Film Festival. Together with the German writer Martin Becker he wrote a radio play in German, Lost in Praha (2008), for Westdeutscher Rundfunk in Cologne. They also co-wrote a libretto to the Czech- German opera Exit 89 for Archa Theatre in Prague. Personal web pages of the author:


List of plays:


  • Alois Nebel, 2005, première 25. 3. 2005 Činoherní studio, Ústí nad Labem (in co-operation with Vladimir Čepek a Jaromír 99)
  • Léto v Laponsku, 2005, première 6. 11. 2006 Slovácké divadlo, Uherské Hradiště (in co-operation with Petr Pycha)
  • Salcburský guláš, 2006 (in co-operation with Petr Pycha)
  • Strange Love, 2007, première 6. 3. 2007 Činoherní studio, Ústí nad Labem (in co-operation with Petr Pycha)



Translated plays:


  • Léto v Laponsku Kesa Lapissa - Finnish