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DILIA, theatre, literary, and audiovisual agency (founded in 1949) is an unincorporated association of authors and other copyright holders. The aim of its business activities is to provide copyright protection. Its activity is divided into DILIA collective rights management and agency.

DILIA performs collective management of copyright and other rights related to copyright based on the authorization granted by the Ministry of Culture, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Copyright Act. It operates in the disciplines and areas identified by the decision of the Ministry of Culture to grant the above permission, which covers relations to both domestic and foreign entities. In practice, this activity includes e.g. concluding contracts for representation in the collective management of copyright; concluding collective agreements with the operators of cable television, with television and radio stations, with importers and manufacturers of copy machines and copy services operators; concluding reciprocal agreements with foreign copyright organizations and distribution of royalties and compensation fees to copyright holders.

DILIA also carries out agency activities and mediates concluding licensing agreements for the use of works by both Czech and foreign authors. It focuses primarily on theatre, literature, media and other types of use of copyrighted works. Individual departments of DILIA provide simultaneously with the above-mentioned activities a number of other services relevant to a particular agency field – these range from publishing theatre texts, providing information and consulting services to the lease of musical materials to both local and foreign dramatic-musical works.

DILIA is a member of non-governmental international organizations CISAC, IFRRO and SAA.

Supervisory Board

Marek Epstein – chairman

Šimon Pellar – vice-chairman

Zdeněk Zelenka – vice-chairman

Libor Dvořák

Marek Epstein

Hana Linhartová

Petr Markov

Vladimír Michálek

Roman Ráž

Karel Smyczek

Jan Vedral


prof. JUDr. Jiri Srstka

DILIA Bylaws

DILIA Bylaws will be presented on DILIA websites after their amendment which is supposed to take place at DILIA annual general meeting in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 DILIA Bylaws should be amended to get into accordance with a new civil law, valid from January 1, 2014 that rearranges the structure of incorporated associations and renames them. In 2014, DILIA bylaws should be changed at the annual general meeting as it is expected that a new EU directive about the collective rights management will be approved in 2013 (so far only the draft has been released).

Accounting Department

Except for common agenda and activities carried out by economic departments of all legal entities, DILIA economic department supervises the accounting department which is responsible for distributing collected royalties to authors and other copyright holders in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (including Czech and foreign collective administrators of copyright).

The accounting department deals with all the royalties intended for represented copyright holders (authors, heirs or other copyright holders). It is divided into two sections: collecting and settlement. The former collects royalties based on valid contracts between DILIA and particular users (in terms of collective management these are also users obliged to pay appropriate remuneration). These royalties are then distributed by the settlement section.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Legal Department

Legal Department provides legal service for contracts concluded as a part of collective management of rights and between copyright holders represented by DILIA and users of authors’ works. The department also offers legal aid to copyright holders represented by collective management as well as by the agency. In cooperation with other DILIA departments (Theatre Department, Literary Department, Media Department, Music Department) the Legal Department arranges licensing works by Czech authors abroad (use of literary plots, use of screenplays including remakes of Czech audiovisual works, performing Czech dramatical works, etc.) and licensing of works by foreign authors in the Territory of the Czech Republic. The department also administrates the database of authors and their heirs represented by Dilia. The list of authors represented by DILIA is available here. DILIA can also negotiate licensing contracts for works whose authors are not represented by the agency at the moment. The department regularly carries out an analysis of legal matters connected with collective rights management, runs a database of legal cases led by DILIA or against DILIA and prepares proposals for legal amendments and internal regulations of DILIA. 

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