DILIA collective management of publishers’ rights

Czech Copyright Act No. 121/2006 Coll. implements in the provision of Art 87 the right to remuneration for publishers related to making a copy of a published work for private use.

In practice, that means that publishers are entitled to receive fair remuneration for a profit that they lose as works published by them are legally copied or reproduced in a similar way. This remuneration is a part of the money collected by DILIA from importers and manufacturers of reprographic machines and from copyshops and other operators of reprographic services. According to the Copyright Act, this is considered a subject to mandatory collective management. In the Czech Republic, DILIA administrates this right on behalf of publishers.

DILIA collects remuneration both for publishers and authors. According to the law, the money is divided in the following proportion: 60% for authors and 40% for publishers.

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