Czech Copyright Act stipulates that persons using works in the manners stated below are obliged to get a licence and pay remuneration to the Collective Management Organisation (CMO). DILIA administrates the rights of authors of literary, scientific and audiovisual works.

Private copying

Importing copy machines and printers
DILIA collects remuneration from importers of reprographic machines. The rates are stipulated in the ordinance of the Ministry of Culture No. 488/2006 Coll.

Reproducing works on paper or similar surface
Remuneration is paid by copyshops, libraries, schools and other operators who charge customers for reprographic services (paper to paper/digital to paper). The rates are stipulated directly in the Copyright Act.

Importing other machines and blank record carriers
Importers of audio and audiovisual devices that can be used for copying of works for private use and importers of blank record carriers are obliged to pay remuneration to the CMO representing musical authors called OSA.

Retransmission of TV/Radio broadcasting

The right to Retransmission of TV/Radio broadcasting is subject to mandatory collective management. This use is licensed and remuneration is collected separately by several CMOs, each representing their own repertoire. DILIA concludes collective licensing agreements with cable TV, IPTV and satellite TV operators on behalf of authors of literary and audiovisual works.

Public libraries

In accordance with collective licensing agreements with the National Library of the Czech Republic, DILIA collects remuneration for authors of literary works for the following use in public libraries:

  • Public Lending Right
  • Digital Document Delivery
  • Public Readings in Libraries

Radio broadcasting

DILIA collects remuneration for authors of Czech literary works from providers of radio broadcasting in accordance with collective agreements as a part of extended collective management. The use of foreign authors’ works is licensed individually and is managed by the agency media department which means that the authors decide themselves about the terms of use (including the number of royalties).

Public communication of broadcasting

This use includes making works available to the public through radio and TV sets at publicly accessible places such as hotels and restaurants. The CMO representing musical authors called OSA was mandated to license this use and collect the remuneration on behalf of DILIA.

DVD / Video rental shops

The CMO representing musical authors called OSA was mandated to license this use and collect the appropriate remuneration for renting audio or audio-visual recordings of the works on behalf of DILIA.

For more information, please contact

Jan Barták

+420 266 199 864

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