Music Department

Music department produces, leases and provides music materials to Czech and foreign stage works for theatre performances, radio and TV broadcastings and for the manufacture of audio and audiovisual recordings. Music department represents many foreign publishers when supplying sheet music to Czech users.

We offer information about music materials and rental terms, conclude hire contracts concerning the music materials and their use by local and foreign clients. We also offer a service for users and copyright holders in the field of musico-dramatic works in radio and television usage and for the mechanical reproduction of audio and audiovisual recordings.

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Contents of catalogue

The selective hire catalogue of music materials published by DILIA contains these particulars:

  • Names of composers, their biographical data (blue)
  • Names of works (black, capitals)
  • Classification of works by genre into 3 groups  – opera, ballet, other genres (operetta, musical, incidental music)
  • Details of work (if details of a work are displayed), such as:
    • Detailed description of the work
    • Author of the libretto, literary work it is based on
    • Instrumentation – the numbers represent numbers of musical instruments in the order flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon; French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba; other instruments are marked with an abbreviation from the Italian terminology


The catalogue is designed for searching according to various criteria. You can enter these data in the designated fields, either one or more:

  • Name of an author (surname or its part, or just an initial)
  • Name of a work or a word or its part included in the name
  • A word (or part of a word) contained in the details
  • And/or choose one of the three genre groups: opera, ballet, other genres

The search results are ordered alphabetically. Because of the quantity of information it is advisable to use alphabetic order of either names of works or names of authors or genre groups.

A single letter or part of a word may be entered into all the fields, using either upper or lower case.