Media Department

  • provides services to authors and copyright holders in the area of radio and television broadcasting, advertising, films etc.; these services include negotiating conditions and concluding contracts
  • provides services to users of works protected by copyright (film producers, televisions etc.), mainly by looking for authors/copyright holders of works that are supposed to be used in audiovisual way
  • guarantees legal protection to Czech copyright holders in the territory of the Czech Republicas well as abroad
  • arranges the best possible conditions for foreign copyright holders in the territory of the Czech Republic and abroad
  • makes an effort to prevent illegal use of protected works
  • arranges compensation in case of violating author’s rights
  • actively searches for copyright holders of so-called “orphan works”
  • concludes rate agreements for audiovisual works created before 1992, and thus considerably reduces the risk of illegal exploitation of these works

For use of Czech audio and audiovisual works abroad and use of foreign works in the territory of the Czech Republic or if you are interested in any of the above mentioned services please contact:

Erika Svobodová

International relations

+420 266 199 866
+420 283 891 588