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The Theatre Department of DILIA supplies services concerning Theatre matters to authors as well as to users.


  •  We are constantly looking abroad for scripts of new plays and offering them to Czech theatres.
  • We render to foreign theatres licences to rights of Czech playwrights, for example Drda, Hubač, Voskovec, Werich, Drábek, Lagronová, Trtílek and conversely negotiates with foreign agencies the terms for staging foreign authors at Czech theatres. 
  • We seek good terms for the use of works of both Czech and foreign authors. 
  • We advise authors about their rights and are closely watching the cultural scene to prevent unauthorized usage of protected authors' work. 
  • We conclude agreements with all professional venues, private theatres, theatre agencies, amateur groups, art schools and theatre companies to authorize the use of works of both Czech and foreign protected authors. 
  • We also secure the author's rights during theatre festivals (in the Czech Republic and abroad) and tours of Czech theatres abroad as well as tours of foreign theatres in the Czech Republic. 
  • We provide support for young and starting playwrights (grants, stage lectures, Evald Schorm Awards etc.) and for translators as well (workshops for young and starting translators).